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What can set puberty going?
For humans reproduction to be possible, the reproductive organs in male an femal species must be ready for it. Puberty is the stage where a child changes to become a mature human, with fully developed reproductive organs in order to reproduce when they are ready. It is natural and no one can force it. The brain will know when to tell your body to begin that change.

When does puberty stop?
Boys reach their adult height at about 19 years and girls reach theirs about 17 years. Puberty lasts for few years and may end even though you continue growing in height.

Why don't I have pubic hair yet?
Every person is diferent and therefore wil dvelop differently and at different rates. Some girls get pubic hairs a little later than others, but every one will have it. It is your personal traits that define what kind of hairs, its texture, amount and even when they will show up.

What is this hard lump in my breasts?
It is normal for some girls to notice small, sometimes tender, lumps beneath their nipples as their breasts are beginning to develop. The firmness and tenderness will go away in time as the breasts continue to enlarge. Get to know your body so that it will be easier to notice if something strange should happen to your breasts.

Are my breasts small? (or too large)?
Breast size is different from person to person. Unfortunately, western culture makes it look as if bigger breasts are better. This is NOT true.

The most important function of breasts are for breast-feeding when you have a baby. Size won't affect your attractiveness or ability to breast feed if you becomes a mother someday. Do not try to take any medicine or any action to make it bigger. If you think it is extremely small, speak to your doctor, who can give you the best advice.

My breasts have been sore and tender lately. One of them is a lot bigger than the other. Is anything wrong?
It is normal for breasts to be sore and tender while they are developing. Often one breast will develop more quickly than the other. This is also normal. You may feel self-conscious about it, but try not to worry. Within a year or so, both breasts will be about the same size.

Can I shave the hairs on my body?

Yes, but sometimes shaving can cause a rash, particularly if you have not shaved before or has sensitive skin. Using shaving foam or gel before shaving will help reduce any irritation caused to the skin. You can also buy electric razors, which are used on dry skin and are less likely to cause cuts.

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