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How can girls cope with puberty?

Remember that you're not alone.
All adults went through this and so will your class mates too.

How can girls cope with puberty

Read about it
The more you know the better you can cope.

Take clues from your friends
Talk about what you're feeling with your trusted friends. They may be feeling the same way, or they may know how to help you. At the very least, they might offer support and understanding, or just listen to you so you can get it all out.

Talk to an adult
Parents, school counselors, school nurses, and doctors can give you advice and support.

Express yourself
There are many ways to express yourself and to be involved with fun things to keep your mind off the many things going on. Music, art, cooking and reading are all ways that you can go to get yourself busy. Sports is also a great way, as it can leave you a bit tired for a good night sleep. Whatever you want to do, make sure you are are enjoying yourself and staying safe.
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