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What physical changes can I expect?

Body shape and weight gain
Expect your body to become a bit more curvy. Your hips will widen, begin to gain a little bit of weight. This is normal because you will grow a lot taller quicker than ever before. During this time, you have to eat healthy and exercise regularly so that you body has the right nourishment to develop. Muscles get bigger and stronger, but they do not show up as much as boys' muscles.

Hairs everywhere
Hair will begin to grow everywhere (underarm and down there). The hairs on your legs and upper lip may become more noticeable. This hair is called pubic hairs and they begin to appear, usually within 6 to 12 months after the start of breast development.source1

Breasts start to develop
How breasts develop at puberty
One very obvious area of physical change is your breasts. It usually starts as a small swelling under the nipples, and after the whole breasts become bigger. They may ache or itch a little, or become sore. In many cases one breast becomes bigger than the other, but after puberty, they become equal in size.

Vagina and discharges
Your clitoris will grow a little, too. The inner lips of your vulva will become more prominent. They may stick out from the outer lips. They can be short or long, wrinkled or smooth.

Look out for some whitish jelly from your vagina before or in between periods. (Don't worry it's just your body's way of cleaning itself.)

You'll also start getting vaginal discharge, which can be a sign that you'll soon start your menstruation (say men-stroo-ay-shun) (periods)

Skin: Acne, pimples, spots and zits
One area of puberty that can be miserable is the stuff that appear on your face — Acne, pimples, zits, spots or whatever you call them. Some people are lucky to have a few, whiles others have breakouts that lasts for years! They show up because your body produces more oils, making your skin oily. Dead skin cells held by your skin oil block the skin pores. They make is easy for bacteria growth and then the pimples will erupt. These spots can make you unhappy, but try not to worry, they will soon go away.

Sweat and body odor (smell)
Expect smelly sweat! There are two main types of sweat glands under the surface of the skin. One is known as eccrine glands. They are located all over your body and they produce ordinary sweat. The other, apocrine glands, is only located in specific places such as the armpit and groin area. They are active during puberty and they produce sweat together with some oils. This kind is the one that makes you stink. Guess what—the apocrine glands make more stinky sweat when you stress!source-2
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