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How to deal with body smells during puberty

Sweating is normal, especially if you're hot or nervous or anxious. It can actually be good for you, because it will help your body cool down if it needs to. If you're worried that your sweat is stinky, or that people might notice, there are some easy fixes:

bulletTake a shower
Puberty is a great time to develop a great personal hygiene skill. Shower regularly with soap and dry yourself well. If you are home, wear loose clothing to keep cool. Change your underpants (boxer shorts and briefs) and socks everyday if possible. Keep your feet dry and air your shoes after wearing them.

boy using deodorantbulletTry deodorant
Deodorant comes in many forms: solid stick, roll-on, gel, spray, and so on. They can help to cover up the smell of sweat. You usually apply it under your arms, where you sweat the most.

You can try using antiperspirant.

This is a kind of deodorant that has a special ingredient to block some of your sweat. Many products these days have both deodorants and antiperspirants.

Don't use too much, or use it too often, though. Remember sweating is a good thing. It keeps you cool and healthy.

How to deal with erections.
Erections are absolutely normal, and they happen to all guys. During puberty, they can happen for no reason at all - its just because your body is filled with puberty hormones. They can also happen if you're thinking about sex.

Keep your cool, because erections are temporary. They usually don't last more that a couple of minutes. If you remain calm, the erection will go away. Just breathe and try to clear your mind.

How to deal with discharges
Wet dreams are normal. They're just the way your body gets rid of extra semen. Do not be too bothered or guilty about it, as they are all part of becoming a man. Just clean up by changing and washing your clothing and bed sheet.

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