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More changes for boys during puberty.

Yes, apart from the physical changes, there will be quiet a bit of emotional and psychological changes too.

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Mixed and sensitive feelings
Mixed and sensitive feelings
It is possible that you will feel tired, bored, down and moody for no reason. sometimes everything around you will make you angry! You may also feel highly excited and lots of energy. You may also change from one mood to the other for no reason. You can be very edgy too, and not in the mood for jokes and teasing from your friends. You may feel extra sensitive to everything around you. It is all normal.

bulletIntense emotions
Your psychology is changing too. Suddenly you will like things that you never liked and hate things that you really loved to eat and liked doing. Your emotions may turn upside down. Sometimes you may not cope well at all with things that never bothered you. Try to understand yourself and your friends, because your emotions will get very intense.

bulletMood swings
Guess what — one moment you are having a good laugh with your brother, the next moment, you are so annoyed with him that you do not want to see him at all. You over-react to very little things.

bulletUnfamiliar emotions
Expect that you will have some feelings for and against your friends, especially those of the opposite gender. You may find someone to be very nice and you may have all sorts of thoughts about her. There is nothing wrong. Try to remain calm and know that you are going through puberty. It is a great time to discover yourself and learn more about what you like and what you do not like.

Puberty means you are growing and very likely, you want to be left alone and be independent. You may want to decide things for yourself and not be controlled by your parents. You may find some rules, activities and beliefs in your family to be so conflicting with your own ideas. You will likely oppose almost everything your parents want from you. This is because your brain is carving out its own identity, to make you a unique person. It is part of the changes you can expect.

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