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What about acne (zits and pimples)?

acne and zits  controlAcne (a term for zits and pimples) are often used to mean anything that appears as spots on you face or skin. Whatever they mean, no one wants them on their face, but they will come any way, especially between the ages of 10-18years.

Some people are lucky to have just a couple of them, whiles others have breakouts that lasts for years. Some are tiny spots while others are big and very annoying on the face.

Here are a few things that can make them worse:

Do not dig, squeeze or roughen it up when you wash your face. Just leave it alone.

bulletGreasy skin stuff
Remember that zits and pimples are a result of bacteria on your face from blocked skin pores. This means using oily creams, oily sunscreens and makeup, oily hair products can make it worse.

bulletIntense sunlight
Intense and direct sunlight can make it worse too. It makes you sweat more and provides great conditions for zits to grow. If you go outdoors, wear a hat, stay in a shade and stay cool.

Try not to stress or worry too much about it. It is unclear that anxiety and stress can make it worse, but it does make sense that worrying can make you loose confidence and prevent you from taking good care of yourself. Try to ignore those spots, stay confident and be happy!

Below are a few ideas to make things better.

Your local pharmacy may have some medicines that you can buy and apply to your skin. Many of them work OK. Be sure to read the instructions very well. If unsure, ask your doctor to recommend a good one for you.

bulletSee a professional
If you have a breakout and medicines are not helping, consider speaking to a doctor or a skin specialist. They can take a look and work out something to improve your condition. Do not use medicines that your friends suggest to you. Speak to your doctor or nurse first.

bulletDon't stress!
Remind yourself that you're not the only person going through this. If you look around your school or neighborhood, you'll probably see lots of other people your age with pimples. If they're coping, you can too. If you can, try to have a sense of humor about it. Each time you look into a mirror and see those pimples, you can just say: Hi pimples, are you hungry? (laugh it off).
Thanks to modern medicine, we have more anti-acne options than ever. And here's something cool: less stress, by itself, can help make your skin look better too!

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