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So, How Do Boys Cope?

Remember that you're not alone. All adults went through this and so will your class mates too.

The first thing every young person preparing to go through the puberty stage is to understand that the changes that will happen are normal. However, it is important that you tell your parents or a trusted adult such as your teacher or school nurse about anything that you find a bit extreme. They will know if there is anything away from normal and will advice you on what to do. You can also...
how to cope at puberty

bulletRead about it
You will be better prepared if you know about puberty and what to expect. The more you know the better you can cope. You may also be able to help your friends out too, because they will all go through puberty too.

bulletDepend and share information with your trusted friends
You will experience these changes around the same time as many of your peers too. One fun way to deal with it is to talk to your trusted friends about it, and learn some more about what they are feeling too. You can also share ideas on good and healthy ways of dealing with puberty. You can also turn that period into fun, but just laughing it off and getting involved with a great sport together. It is important that you try to stay away from anything that you know your parents would not like. Remember, you are still a child.

bulletTalk to an adult
Parents, school counselors, school nurses, and doctors can give you advice and support. Our bodies are very different and we may experience slightly different feelings.

bulletExpress yourself
If you like to write, draw, paint, sing, or play music or do something unique, go for it - it's cool to use these great outlets for letting your feelings out!

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