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Tanner Stages / Scale
The process of physical change at puberty is different from each person. A British doctor called Tanner proposed a scale, to describe the onset and progression of pubertal changes. The stages are called Tanner Stages. Boys rated on a 5 point stage, involving genital development and pubic hair growth.


This is special sex hormone produced inside the testes of males. The hormone controls the male featurestestosterone. Testosterone makes you grow taller and change shape and causes your testicles to make sperm. Sperms are the male reproductive cells that join the female cell to form a baby. (You can learn more about reproduction)

Hungry and sleepy
You will feel more tired and hungry. Remember that puberty is a time of very fast growth. You need 9 or more hours of sleep each night and good food for healthy growth.

Exercise regularly.
boys and sports
Find an exercise that you can do on your own, biking or swimming. Get involved in a team sport. Exercising makes your heart stronger and keeps you healthy, and particularly it keeps your mind off the awkward changes you are going through. It can also help you get a good night sleep.

This is when a boy's 'P' hardens and lengthens. This usually happens when a boy has sexual-thoughts, or as a result of physical stimulation. During puberty a boy will start to get erections more often, sometimes without any stimulation at all.
This is very normal.
Most erections are not straight, and tend to either curve upwards or to either side. Many boys worry that their 'P' is smaller than other boys', but most 'Ps' are around the same size when erect. Do not attempt to compare yours with anyone's. We all have different bodies and its all OK.

Wet dream
Sometimes boys can remember having had a sexual dream. But often they just notice a wet patch on their nightclothes or on the sheets when they wake up.

Because we all change at different rates, it is possible that you may look smallest or tallest in your classroom when many others are growing so quickly. Your mates may start calling you names or say silly things about you. Do not worry too much. If you think it is becoming too much to bear, speak to your teacher about it and they can do something about it. Remember not to do it to others if they do not like it. Learn more bullying here.

Can I shave the hairs on my body?
Yes, but sometimes shaving can cause a rash, particularly if you have not shaved before or has sensitive skin. Using shaving foam or gel before shaving will help reduce any irritation caused to the skin. You can also buy electric razors, which are used on dry skin and are less likely to cause cuts.
Very likely, you may not need to shave very often. But eventually you will probably need to shave every day as this hair starts to grow back thicker and more quickly.


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