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So what will physically change on my body?

Good question...

bulletUsually the first sign you shall notice is the enlargement of your testes (or testicles) and the scrotal sac. The scrotal skin will also change texture.source-1 Your penis (P) gets longer and wider.

bulletHairs will grow all over your body. You shall notice this on your face, like a beard, chest, moustache or sideburns, legs, armpits and around the P. Usually it's pretty thin at first but gets stronger and darker towards the end of puberty.

bulletYour shoulders get wider, muscles start to get bigger and stronger and you gain weight. Physically, some boys become bigger really fast. Not everyone grows at the same time or the same rate. Some people have their growth spurt really early and others really late.

bulletYou voice will crack, squeak and deepen because your voice box (larynx) is developing too. Soon you will get an ‘Adam’s Apple, something sticking out the front of your throat. After all this, your voice will be clear but deeper than before.

bulletBreasts look like they're developing a bit! (This is quite normal and usually goes away by the end of puberty)

bulletYou body is developing and producing sex hormones. You will therefore have more feelings, and sometimes erections at odd times and even when you are asleep. Sometimes when you asleep, you may have little discharge. That is not urine but semen, a fluid that carry the sperm cells. It is normal so do not worry too much about it.

bulletAcne (pimples and zits), spots and stuff like that will begin to show up on your face. These are usually caused by skin oil, dead skin cells and bacteria that block pores on the skin. Sometimes, it also appears just because of the hormonal changes that are happening to your body. They can be annoying, but just ignore them.

bulletExpect smelly sweat! There are two main types of sweat glands. One is known as eccrine glands. They are located all over your body and they produce ordinary sweat. The other, apocrine glands, is only located in specific places such as the armpit and groin area. They are active during puberty and they produce sweat together with some oils. This kind is the one that makes you stink. Guess what—the apocrine glands make more stinky sweat when you stress!source-2
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